Dr. Liza Ekole was born in Cameroon and came to America in 1997. She started off by working at McDonalds and later obtained the doctor of pharmacy degree. In 2009, she became one of the first Cameroonian immigrants to own a retail pharmacy and in 2013, she became the first to become a director of a hospital pharmacy in Michigan. In 2015, Dr. Liza defended her dissertation on Relational Intelligence and a doctorate of philosophy was conferred in 2016. As a holder of two doctorates, Dr. Liza has motivated many in Cameroon and in the diaspora to pursue higher education.

With her husband, Dr. Alphonse Ekole, they created “The Fountain of Hope Missions” and have dedicated their time and money to giving back to the poor, old, orphans, and sick, as well as supporting churches, women’s empowerment, and sports competitions.

They have completed a church building, renovated a village community hall, and opened a clinic with a maternity and laboratory that provides basic medical care to nine villages. They have offered free consultations and free medications to the uninsured in Metropolitan Detroit. They have also sponsored backpacks filled with school supplies for homeless children in Detroit equivalent to a classroom.

They have presented various awards to promote education, leadership, hard work, community service, and good sportsmanship during mission trips.

In an effort to instill the tenet of philanthropy and sacrifice in their children, they started a foundation for them in 2011 in Cameroon. Their three wonderful children (Ndialle, Hanna, and Abigail Ekole) sponsored 20 impoverished kids yearly in Cameroon for four years out of their birthday funds.

In 2014, they founded and became the sponsors of the SASSE EXCELLENCE competition in an effort to promote education through sports. In 2015, they built three classrooms in a village school in Nguti. They also opened their hearts by adopting two beautiful children from an orphanage (Ethel and Success). In July of 2017, they laid foundation stones to build a playground at Hotpeck Orphanage in Cameroon.

Dr. Liza is very positive, dynamic, strategic, and tenacious, and inspires confidence in others. Despite all her earthly accolades, she often declares without equivocation that all is futile and purposeless without God in the center.

Help Cameroonian Refugees

Please support Cameroonian REFUGEES in Nigeria. Kids are being delivered in bushes, GIRLS USING LEAVES as Sanitary PADS.….Horrible!!!

Let’s shower these REFUGEES with love through our thoughtfulness and action.
Let’s make this time sensitive, CIVIC-MINDED initiative happen …BIG!!!
See clip of the entire story and visit the GoFundMe page.
And yes! Together, we can do great things.


Dr. Liza.


How We Raised $36,000 For Cameroonian Refugees


See ☝what we can do when we come together as Africans. The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana…. paragon of African UNITY must be really proud of this show of TOGETHERNESS!!.

I am humbled to be part of this UNIFYING civic minded initiative and yes! Together we are moving the REFUGEES from Privation to Aspiration.

Dr. Liza

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