Overview of Collaborative Relational Intelligence™Leadership

  1. Dr. Liza’s coaching, presentations, and education on Collaborative Relational     Intelligence™(cRQ) are grounded in a Relational Model of Human Behavior which starts with knowing yourself and then understanding others.

Collaborative Relational Intelligence cRQ:™

  • Is an offspring of Emotional Intelligence and Relational intelligence. cRQ™
    is defined as an intentional interaction that starts with knowing yourself,  understanding others, gaining value in the differences,and applying this knowledge to effectively communicate in order to achieve a shared or a win-win outcome.                                                          
  • cRQ™ = Knowledge + Understanding = Wisdom.
  • My published research titled, “Relational Intelligence: A Framework to Enhance Interprofessional Collaborative Care,” came about after I realized through research that many studies have reported that training for practitioners does not stimulate the reflexes that contribute to the tenets of teamwork and collaboration, but yet no studies were found to investigate relational intelligence (RQ) in pharmacist-physician relationships as a catalyst for collaborative and hence cost-effective quality care. My research study addressed the role and potential opportunity to promote RQ as a critical leadership skill in the collaboration between pharmacists and physicians.
  • After further education and research, it became very  pivotal to include collaboration to Relational Intelligence(RQ). This because collaboration can only be applied effectively if we are able to recognize, acknowledge, understand, and gain value in the unique differences that each person brings to every interaction and relationship.
  •  More studies now show that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) accounts for only 4-10% of career success, while 85-90% of job advancement is based on how we relate with each other. More and more people have the desire to know how to apply the “how,” but most leadership frameworks and trainings still fixate on theories and assessments that are hard to understand and apply.
  • Strong relationships are the key to success and provides a new competitive edge in this relational age in      which individual experience trumps intelligence quotient (IQ) regardless of what industry you are in.Intelligent relationships are the scaffold of satisfying personal and work experiences.
  • cRQ™is a MUST for those who want to be influential, confident, and successful in every relationship and for companies who want to increase ROI,decreased conflicts, foster satisfied and engaged employees.
  • The seven branches of cRQ™ bring a paradigm shift by providing easily applicable and straightforward solutions to all our relationship and communication problems.
  1. The foundation of cRQ™ is the “Double Rhodium Rule™
    ,”which trumps the Golden Rule in this relational age. The Double Rhodium Rule™ is defined as,
      Know yourself , understand others and inspire them in ways they don’t even know they can be inspired without asking “how.”The other branches of cRQ™ include: First Impression, Rapport, Endorsement, Acknowledgement, CareFronting, and Meta Position Listening—are techniques that When trained in and implemented, will transform the life of an individual and enable effective interaction with others.
  2. Knowing how to recognize and refrain from old habits such as unconscious biases require skills and techniques that provide an invaluable cornerstone to collaboration. cRQ™ training includes techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and DISC personality assessments (D-Dominant, I-Inspiring, S-Steady, C-Cautious)to recognize those unconscious biases, blind spots in self and others, which allows you to be self-aware and others-aware;then, you adapt and blend your behavior style for greater, more effective communication and win-win relationships.
  3. The DISC language  is a crucial aspect in cRQ™ training because it is the only language that is observable, silent, universal, and non-judgmental, and as such transcends many barriers.
  5. “If I understand you and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we can work more effectively together?” — Dr. Robert Rohm

“Know yourself, understand others, and collaborate intelligently”. — Dr. Liza

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”.  — Franklin D. Roosevelt


To use Collaborative Relational Intelligence™(cRQ) techniques to raise self-awareness and other-awareness on how to intelligently gain value in the differences in our personalities to collaborate in order to develop strong diverse and inclusive relationships that transcend gender, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, lingual, political, religious, and other barriers.


Our vision is to transform lives by empowering and inspiring individuals and organizations to maximize their potential.


To create a lasting solution to relationship crisis, mediocre performance, low self-esteem, and the misconceptions surrounding diversity.


  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Success (Win-Win) 

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